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EALB/Jordan e-services terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the Egyptian Arab Land Bank. (The Bank) and any of the bank's clients (the client) who submit an application to receive e-services including current and/or any service the Bank decides to include in the future.

This is an integral part of the application for the recipient of e-services from any branch of the Egyptian Arab Land Bank. The client acknowledges before signing the terms and conditions that the client fully understands them and approves them. The bank reserves the right to modify any of the content or any portion thereof at any time and to consider that the amendment shall take effect from the date of notification of the client letter sent to the address indicated in the application, or via e-services.


The Bank: The Egyptian Arab Land Bank in Jordan and all its branches.

The Client: The account (s) owner approved to receive the e-services and fully responsible for using the services.

Working Day: The Bank’s regular working hours from 8:30 am to 3 pm or the hours designated by the bank during official holidays.

e-Services: The services provided online by the bank including (internet, sms) and/or any e-services the Bank decides to include in the future.

The Service: The e-services that the bank provides to the client through the client’s account.

Client’s Account: The Client’s account/ accounts at the bank specifically for e-services.

ID number: The number issued by the bank to access e-services and should be changed by the client once they log in the first time and whenever the client wishes to change it based on the e-services requirements.

Transactions and e-payment ID number: The number issued by the bank for transactions and e-payments.

Interests and commissions: All fees and payments that include: interests, commissions, stamps, posts, telephone calls, swift codes, faxes, transportation, courier, currency exchange, collections and lawyer services that the bank covers

e-Transactions: All transactions whether between the client’s accounts, to pay bills, public services, transactions to other accounts at the bank or other banks, or any other service directly related to the client’s account and transactions.

  • The introduction is part of the terms and conditions.

  • The client approves the restrictions by the bank concerning e-services fees and the bank has the right, without informing the client or the need to be authorized, to claim all required interests, commissions, and expenses that the bank covers for the client or in reference to transactions between the bank and client. The bank also reserves the right to apply any expenses, regardless of the name or kind, including legal consultations fees regardless of the amount.

  • e-Services are exclusive to the client and the person authorized to use them on the client’s behalf in writing and the client is responsible for all risks that can be caused by using the services.

  • The client pledges to use the e-services according to the instructions provided by the bank.

  • The client pledges to approve any amendments and/or instructions and/or fees once announced by the bank on radios and/or TVs and/or publications online and offline. The new amendments are to be valid from the date of the announcement.  

  • The users ID and password is what identifies the client to the bank, accordingly, all transactions made using the clients ID is the responsibility of the client.

  • The clients ID number or the transactions number or the e-payment are considered a signature of the client and an approval to implement transactions. No objection from the client on those transactions will be accepted claiming the ID number was used by a third party, or any claims that the client has not requested the specific e-service.

  • The client is responsible for providing and maintaining the devices and software needed to operate the e-services including the fees and expenses of these tools. The bank is not responsible for any misuse or malfunction in the client’s software or if the client uses extra software/hardware that could jeopardize the security and effectives of the services. The bank is not responsible for the client’s computer if it contains viruses that could jeopardize data or accounts. All results are the responsibility of the client and the bank is not responsible for the delay of emails or sms if the networks are the reason behind the delay and if the delay is not caused by the bank. 

  • The client is responsible for any fees on the account when using the e-services and is also responsible for mistakes such as transactions to the wrong account through the client’s e-services.

  • The client pledges that the bank reserves the right to stop/cancel any e-service at any time and for any period of time without the need to notify the client or provide any explanations.

  • In case the bank decides to provide e-services to individuals /companies as joint accounts, all authorized individuals must be present to sign the application and authorize one of them to use the e-service. One ID number will represent all parties and no objection will be accepted if the ID name and number are shared among them.

  • The client reserves the right to request the cancelation of the service(s) in a written request to the bank and the bank reserves the right to end the client’s services at any time without the client’s approval or notification and without offering an explanation. The client also has the right to update their personal information online for the services.

  • The bank reserves the right to stop any transactions or payments in case the clients credit was insufficient at the time of the transaction to cover for all expenses, interests and fees related to this transaction. The bank also reserves the right to stop transactions if they exceed the daily allowed number of transactions or if the bank suspects that the information provided in the transactions in fraudulent. In case the client’s credit was insufficient, the bank reserves the right to stop the transaction without explanation and informing the client in advance.

  • The bank immediately completes the transactions between the client’s account and other accounts at the bank and within two working days if at other banks. In this case, fees are deducted on the day of completing the transaction and the bank is not responsible for any delay out of its control. The client reserves the right to cancel the transaction or provide a written request to the bank to cancel the transaction in case it was not completed at the time of providing the request.

  • If the e-service is canceled or stopped, all previous transactions and payment requests are considered valid unless the client requests their cancellation in line with the article above.

  • e-Services are provided 24/7 except services that the bank chooses to provide only during week working days including money transfers.

  • The client pledges that applying for e-services is considered an authorization for the bank to provide the service and the client will commit to all terms conditions.

  • If the client requests a cheque book online, it is to be picked up at the branch selected by the client where the cheque book is issued.

  • Bank statements and all transactions are considered valid and final unless the bank receives an objection within 15 days from the date of issuing the statement, highlighting in details the reasons and items under objection. This means the client pledges to approve the transactions and considers them final with no objections.
  • The client pledges that all online information or any other tools whether original or a copy or recorded documents are considered legal and valid and cannot be subject to objection.

  • The client pledges to immediately inform the bank if they suspect the account/ID number is being violated and is still responsible for all transactions until the end of the working day after receiving a written note from the bank. The client gives full authorization to the bank to proceed with any needed procedures including cancelling the services and/or the transactions and/or halting any requests by the client without being responsible for the consequences.

  • The bank reserves the right to amend and/or add any new conditions for the e-services and apply it after notifying the client in a written letter or online at the address provided by the client. The amendments are valid unless the bank receives a written objection within the period provided. The client pledges that the bank has the right to change the e-services software without notifying the client.

  • The client pledges to approve the bank’s procedures and systems to document e-transactions and process the data to ensure the validation of the client’s information including their e-signature. The client approves the bank’s decision to appoint a certified entity to implement the documentation.

  • The bank and the client agree on implementing e-transactions mentioned in this document online and are subject to the Jordanian law of online transactions and its amendments.

  • In addition to the online communication between the bank and the client, the client pledges that their address provided to the bank is valid and pledges to notify the bank in a written notification if there in a change in address.

  • These terms and conditions are subject to the current laws of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and any conflicts in interpreting/implementing of any of the terms and conditions is to be referred to the Amman First Court of Instance. Both the client and the bank reserve the right to send notifications of justice.

I hereby certify that I read and fully understand these terms and conditions and pledge to commit to the articles and any future amendments, and that these conditions are not subject to objection at anytime and under any circumstance. 

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