The card issued by the bank to its customers in cooperation with international payment companies such as Visa, MasterCard, the holder can pay the value of purchases from shops or cash withdrawals from ATMs, and then pay the value later, where the customer can either pay the total amount Or pay the minimum rate of between 5% to 100% "of the total amount and a minimum of 25 dinars for the silver card and 50 dinars for the gold card of your choice.

Credit Card Benefits:

·         Fixed rate of 1.75% per month in cases of partial payment of monthly withdrawals.

·         Grace period for purchases of up to 45 days for credit card holders.

·         Possibility of issuing cards with the same ceiling or single roof

·         Life insurance for customers under the age of 70 years.

·         Pay your service bills with your credit card

·         Secure use of point-of-sale machines through the card's PIN

·         The customer will be notified of the movements that are recorded on the card as soon as they occur through a text message that reaches the customer's mobile phone.

·         Use of the card to withdraw cash through ATMs

·         Possibility of purchasing through the Internet.

·         Unique offers from several stores

Product Terms:

·         The debt burden does not exceed 55% of the net income for salaries exceeding 500 dinars and 50% for salaries of less than 500 dinars.

·         Not less than 21 years of age for the basic card holder and 18 years for the additional cardholder, and not more than 65 years.

·         The service period of the debtor shall not be less than:

§ 3 months for the public sector.

§ 6 months for the stable private sector. 

·         Transfer of the debtor's salary or deduction.

·         Minimum Income:

·         300 dinars for the public sector

·         400 dinars for the private sector

·         1000 dinars for professionals and free professions


The required documents:

·         A copy of the Jordanian civil ID.

·         A copy of a non-Jordanian passport and a copy of the valid residence.

·         Customer's income sources:


§ Salary certificate.

§ Statement of account for the last 6 months.

§ Last salary receipt .

§ Authorized letter of commitment to transfer salary from the employer.


Golden Card
Silver Card
Release Fees   
50 JD
25 JD 
Annual Membership Fees 
25 JD
15 JD 
Minimum Card Ceiling 
2000-50000 JD
500 – 1999 JD 
Re - issuing a Card 
15 JD 
10 JD 
Delay Payment Fees 
15 JD 
Monthly Interest Rate 
1.75 %
Fees of Exceeding the Ceiling 
10 JD 
Fees of issuing a secret number of Visa 
3 JD
Fees of Raising the Cards Ceiling 
5 JD
Cash withdrawal Fees 
4 % or 4 JD 
Delay Fees 
15 JD 

To find out more about commissions and fees charged by the bank please visit the bank's website by following this link

· This product is subject to the terms and conditions of the bank.

· The Bank reserves the right to suspend and / or modify the Product at any time it deems appropriate.

· The Bank reserves the right to accept or reject any request submitted within this product.

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