Choose the credit card that suits your lifestyle.

A key to a world of benefits and luxury. Different Cards, endless Accessibility.

The Egyptian Arab Land Bank provides a wide range of credit cards that are designed to meet your needs and lifestyle.

Whether you're looking for a greater peace of mind, or you are searching for endless accessibilities, by obtaining one of EALB cards you will enjoy multiple benefits designed to ensure a safe and flexible access to payments, anytime, anywhere.

Platinum Card

Gold Card

Silver Card


300 Jordanian dinar for public sector

400 Jordanian dinar for private sector

Minimum Income



Free of Charge

Annual Card Fees




Interest Rate


Cash Back

Not Required

Salary Transfer

5000 – 75000

500 - 20000

200 - 1999

Range of Permitted Loan Balance

Cards Features:

• Free access into the waiting airport lounges with the Lounge Key Service at many airports through the Visa Platinum card. This service is available in 25 lounges, spread across different regions and countries of the world.

• A grace period of up to 52 days without any finance charges levied to the beneficiary or any interest on purchase transactions, in case all obligations are paid on time.

• Free access to the credit card account through the Internet and Phone Banking Services for free.

• Call center around the clock

• A fast speed ​​in the procedures for issuing cards

• National and international card acceptance

• A specialized sales team that reaches you wherever you are

• Free life insurance program

• Common and separate ceiling for the main and secondary cards

• Free issuance fee for the first year

• Competitive interest on withdrawals and purchases

• The ability to shop online

• The possibility of installments, with a range of 100 up to 30,000 Jordanian Dinar.


Required Documents:

• A copy of the identification document or the certificate of military appointment

• A copy of the passport for foreigners and residents

• A proof of monthly income.

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