Products & Services

Short Term Loans
This loan plan takes care of your short-term business requirements at competitive interest rates, by easing your working capital requirements.

Bills Discounting & Sales Financing
This product facilitates short-term capital financing to cater to the needs of small and medium enterprises that are seeking ready funds in order to optimize cash flows in their transactions. This financing solution is supported by receivables that include Promissory Notes and/or posted-dated cheques.

Long Term Loans
Geared towards industries and trade businesses, this loan plan eases long-term business financial requirements.

Property Development Loans
This type of loan is a funding solution that helps property and real estate developers undertake investment projects.

Contractors Financing
This wide range of products offers flexible financing to ease and support all types of contracting activities that are tailored to suit the specific needs of each and every project. 

Often used in trade financing, the issuance of guarantees enables you to acquire goods, buy equipment, or draw down loans, and thereby expand your business activity.

Import Financing & Services
This service caters to all types of import trading activities by offering financial solutions from the issuance of letters of credit to the financing of imports and/or purchases up to the final point of sale.

Export Financing & Services
Catering to the needs to exporters, we offer a wide range of services from advising and confirming letters of credit to the financing of your exports in the form of pre and post shipment and up to the final point of sale.

Ideal for short-term borrowing, this product caters to our business clients’ short-term business objectives allowing them to pay interest only when overdrawn.

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