SMS Services

With our SMS services we enable you to stay updated with all your account transactions wherever you were.

SMS Card Alert:

SMS Card Alert notifies you when transactions performed by any of your EALB Cards via SMS message. The message will contain: last four digits of the card, date, time and transaction amount.

Features :

- You will be notified immediately when your card is being used.
- You will be alerted when any of the following transactions made:
      - Transactions performed on POS machines.
      - Transactions performed on ATM machines (except balance inquiry).
      - Transactions performed for internet purchases.
- You can check your message and keep records to see how much you have spent. 


SMS Linked to Accounts Alert:
SMS Linked to Accounts notifies you of any daily transactions occurring on your account(s).

Features :

You will be receiving SMS on your personal mobile whenever any of the following transactions made:

    - Cash Withdrawal.
    - Check Withdrawal.
    - Direct Debit.
    - Bills Settlement.
    - Inward Transfer.
    - Salary Credit.
    - Cash Deposit.
    - Check Deposit.
    - Account balance at the end of day if there is a transaction during that day.

Subscription :

You can register to the SMS Linked to Accounts Alert service by filling the application form available at your branch, or by registering online ( )

































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