1. Which branch(s) do you usually visit?

2. How do you rate the general appearance of our branches?

3. Our members of staff are presentable and courteous:

4. When I visit a branch I have to wait for a member of staff to serve me for:

5. EALB’s staff usually understand my requests and/or questions quickly:

6. EALB’s staff possess good client servicing skills:

7. EALB’s staff provide services quickly:

8. EALB provides a variety of services that meet my needs:

9. Alternative solutions to meet my needs are suggested by EALB staff:

10. Do you use EALB’s online banking services (Aqari Online)?

11. Do you use EALB’s SMS services?

12. Do you use EALB’s toll-free number (08002280)?

13. The customer service representative I dealt with was:

(Please elaborate:
14. EALB’s staff respond to enquiries over the phone quickly and in a professional manner:

15. Are you generally satisfied with EALB’s customer services? Please elaborate:
16. Please provide the following information:

18. Current Employment:

19. I use the following EALB services:

If you wish to receive further information from EALB or have any enquires,
kindly provide us with your contact details below so that a member of EALB’s customer service team can
contact you in order to serve you better:
Best time to contact you:

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